A native of Western Mass, Kyler is a writer/director/producer with a propensity for telling compelling and comedic stories within the sports genre. After graduating from Emerson College in 2013, Kyler played a key role in creating many of Julian Edelman’s cult classic viral videos. He continued on to direct some of the sports world's premiere talent including Steph Curry, David Ortiz, and Tom Brady. Kyler has also written, directed, and produced a pair of sports documentary series for NBC Sports.

In 2019, Kyler's feature length directorial debut,100%: Julian Edelman  was acquired by Showtime. Narrated by actor Michael Rapaport and featuring out of the box interviews with everyone from Mark Wahlberg and Snoop Dogg to Michael Strahan and Bill Burr, the film is an imaginative look inside Julian Edelman’s underdog journey from major injury and NFL suspension to Super Bowl MVP.

Kyler is represented by CAA and is currently developing future projects

with Coast Productions.

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